About Amazing Science

Illustration of Kids Playing in a Laboratory

Science is so amazing … ..

Kids love it. .. ..they can do fun stuff Parents love it. .. .they see their children learning and having fun
Teachers love it. ….They can teach kids what’s in the world around them
Administrators love it. .. …they can provide a wonderful Science experience for their school/organization/community
And WE love it too! That’s why we decided to bring it to you …in the most amazing  way!
Mollie and Michael Molecule amaze on center stage-any age!
Mollie and Michael Molecule make Science day fun in every way!
Mollie and Michael Molecule teach at a Science  booth- teaching  parents and youth!
Mollie and Michael Molecule are also cool after-school!
Mollie and Michael Molecule make a special  birthday- hooray!

If your program or event is not listed here, please contact us, as we can tailor any of our programs to meet your specific needs.

Our goal is to provide you and your children with a premier Science experience and have Science be amazing for all!